"Take me Anywhere" Mesh Bracelet

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Rose Gold

The "Take me Anywhere" mesh bracelet embodies the travel and holiday appetite! The combination of "World" Charm and "Plane" Charm immediately reminds of the exciting feeling of getting on the plane and looking forward to the next journey.

The mesh bracelet is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel, which means that this bracelet does not rub off with good care even over long periods of time. Thus, you can enjoy the long-term shine of the "Take me Anywhere" mesh bracelet. The mesh bracelet is 100% nickel-free and therefore particularly skin-friendly.

The "Take me Anywhere" mesh bracelet is adjustable in size and fits perfectly to your wrist.

Especially popular is the combination: "Take me Anywhere" mesh bracelet with the "Wanderlust" bracelet or the "Globetrotter" bracelet.

The "Take me Anywhere" mesh bracelet will be shipped in a custom gift box, so be curious about what to expect when unpacking!

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Product details:
Material: 316L stainless steel
Colors: rose gold, silver, gold
Length: size adjustable 15-20cm

The mesh bracelet comes with two charms and two stoppers. The two stoppers are used to hold the charms.

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